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Claro, Oi and Vivo sign agreement to buy TIM Brasil

In another chapter of which carrier will go bankrupt first in Brazil, today we will talk a little about the Of course, Oi and Vivo, who signed an agreement with BTG bank to buy TIM Brasil and divide it between the three. Today TIM is the second largest operator in Brazil, and sales should reflect among the customers of the three operators.

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TIM be divided between Hi, Live and Clear. / AndroidPIT

The value is not yet closed, but it is estimated that the contract reaches R $ 31.5 billion, by far the largest deal ever made in the telecommunications sector. The offer should be made to the shareholders of Telecom Itlia, Redeemer of TIM Brasil, who must analyze the proposals and decide the agreement at the meeting. Three other investment funds including French operator Altice are also interested in the deal.

Spindle Proposal

Telecom Italia initially insisted that TIM Brasil was not for sale, and at the time suggested a merger with Oi. One of the conditions for such proposal to be effective would be Telecom Italia's responsibility to pay up to R $ 3.00 per share to Oi's shareholders, totally unavailable being twice its current market value. Although denying the sale of TIM Brasil, Telecom Itlia's president Marco Patuano has already said that everything depends on the amount of the check.

Anatel decide for us

In the event of the sale of TIM Brasil, Anatel as the controlling entity will define how the division of the client portfolio will occur. In addition, the agency will have to review all TIM customer plans to avoid a massive migration due to number portability, which would create a commotion in our network.

What is a carrier really for?

I often wonder what the role of an operator for me is to provide internet. Unstable network, unhappy customers, poor customer service and public money going down the drain, so think of any carrier. Today with the range of applications that make calls and use single data charging to exchange messages, these companies have become completely irrelevant service providers. Now, the question is: What is Anatel for?

For you, what is the role of an operator in Brazil?

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