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For many big businesses, it has become imperative to develop an Android app to promote their brand and their products and services. That's the case with Bosch, which, with its Bosch Toolbox, has moved your do it yourself to a quality app. If you are interested in learning more about its functionality, read our review today.

Functions & Usage

Devices: Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android Version: 4.1.2Root: SimMods: No

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1Android Version: 4.0.4Root: SimMods: No

App Details:Wheel from: Android 2.2Apps2SD: wasn't recognized on the galaxy nexusSize: approx. 10 MBOptimized for Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean: YesOptimized for tablet: No, but it runs smoothly. Smartphone apps have become an endless source of creativity for its users. There is everything: from retro games to complex apps that have great value for everyday life. And the big multinationals realized this and decided to invest in a new way to promote their services. Bosch, for example, offers an app called Bosch Toolbox. It is not just about advertising for the German company, but also offers some tools for mobile devices.

What stands out in this app measuring tool that works from photos. You can view the angles of any room and the dimensions of the perimeter. And all directly in the picture taken. For each photo you can add comments in text form and even audio, which are displayed on the photo through post-its. In addition, all photos taken in a specific mode, for example, can be combined into one project for further work.

The Torch function, for example, allows you to turn on a permanent LED light to make the device work like a flashlight. This can be a very useful feature, but it consumes a lot of battery power from your phone. Already the calculator has specific conversion functions between different units of measurement. Everything can be calculated very simply: distances, surfaces, volumes, speed, wind intensity, pressure, power and energy consumption.

In Search for Stores, you will have access to Bosch Authorized Stores in your neighborhood. Everything comes, of course, on a map. The location system is based on GPS, but you can also find stores in other cities by providing your name or zip code.

In the home appliance session, you will have access to Bosch products and their features. They are grouped into categories, but you can do a custom search.

Conclusion:The Bosch Toolbox is surprisingly useful and original, especially in relation to its imaging function. It is a pity that other functions are not available (such as a metal detector). The calculator should, in our view, bring trivial calculator functions, since it is boiled down to being a measurement converter. The app as a whole was very well done. In short, an app to recommend.

Screen & Controls

The design of the Bosch Toolbox is very well structured: the various functions are displayed in small cells on the main screen and you can move between them by sliding your finger over the screen. The controls work well and are very clear. The aesthetics of the app are very accurate except for the converter screen.

Speed ??& Stability

Bosch Toolbox worked very well during our tests. At least on the devices we use, everything loaded fluidly and quickly.

Price / Performance Ratio

Bosch Toolbox can be downloaded for free from our App Center. The app comes with banner ads, although it was developed to promote Bosch products …

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