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Apple TV + and Apple Arcade will cost R $ 9.90 per month in Brazil

Ma has just officialized the final details of its two new services, the Apple TV + it's the Apple Arcade, and announced their monthly prices: $ 5 For each in the US what was already expected in the case of Arcade and was a pleasant surprise in the case of the film and series platform.

What we didn't know yet were the prices of the services in the Brazil In App Store-based conversion, the $ 5 tends to be $ 18.90, but Apple has a habit of lowering the prices of those monthly payments in our dear republic. Because it did not give another: as informed in the informative letters of the pages of the two services, the Apple TV + and the Apple Arcade will cost R $ 9.90 per month each around here.

This is a very attractive value for a gaming platform full of unique / interesting titles and without any advertising or internal purchases, and even more so for a gaming platform. streaming stuffed with blockbusters originals. Plus, for both services, value for the whole family (just use the Family Sharing feature).

Considering this news and the debut of Amazon Prime (entitled Prime Video) in Brazil at the same price, I would say that Brazilian Netflix has to ?turn 30? to continue attracting subscribers at the current pace.

As announced by Apple in today's keynote, Apple Arcade reach over 100 countries (including Brazil) in the 19th day next, with a free ms of tests. Apple TV +, in turn, will also have an almost global debut (again, including Brazil) on the day November 1st, also with a free trial month (Correction: Apple TV +'s free trial period of just one week, worldwide) and a year of free subscription with the purchase of any iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV.