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Apple promises to be more honest with updates that could damage iPhones battery

The controversy with iPhones batteries may have generated a satisfactory response from Apple, but it has no way: the scandal has produced a stain in the company's history that not all exchange programs or discounts can repair. Tim Cook and his class keep trying, though.

The information is from BBC: O Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), the UK government agency responsible for overseeing the market and free competition in the country, announced today that Apple has formally committed to being more "honest" and showing more transparency in future iOS updates that could potentially harm the battery of iPhones.

What does this mean in practice? Basically, future iOS updates that ?impact the performance management? of the device (and therefore its battery life) will be accompanied by a clear warning informing you of these changes. This notice will be included in the update release notes, in a place where all users, even the least educated, can see this process.

Although Apple's commitment was made specifically in the United Kingdom, the change is expected to be applied globally, as other countries have already expressed their opinion on the battery policy, and anyway it would be very strange for Ma to inform only It is to the English that the batteries of their iPhones can be upgraded when it can be done worldwide.

Of course, Cupertino's move is not free: the CMA had been pushing the company for satisfaction over the battery scandal for some time now, and the move announced by Ma is part of an extensive document sent to the agency. The compromise note notes several other steps taken by Apple to mitigate the problem, such as the battery exchange program, the Battery Health feature, and the information posted on its websites.

There is still no prediction as to when the change announced by Apple will take effect; If the company fails to deliver on its promise, however, it may suffer legal action from the CMA, and as Ma knows that it is not at all legal to face competition protection, we are expected to see this ?honesty? emerge very soon in the iOS update. closest to you.

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