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Ao and adventure in the archer universe of Temple Run Brave

O game for Android Temple Run Brave was developed by Disney in honor of the movie Brave, released in July of this year, adventure and not lacking in this game. In the movie, the brave Merida confronts tradition, fate and the fiercest monsters. In the game it would be no different, You will have to help the protagonist to get rid of terrible monsters and obstacles all the way.

Great battle stories and mythical legends are the background of Temple Run Brave. A game that can be purchased for $ 0.78 / $ 2.00 on the Google Play Store. The Disney Pixar game was based on the original Temple Run, which has over 50 million players worldwide, with just a few extra touches. In Temple Run Brave the objective is to escape from a bear (movie character) and hit targets using bow and arrows to earn bonuses. To do this, you jump, slide and face all kinds of obstacles in the wild mountains of Scotland:

Here are some features of the game:

  • Introducing Archer – a bow and arrow target shooting game for extra coins
  • The update brought better graphics
  • Inspired by the movie Brave Disney / Pixar in the rugged mountainous region of Scotland
  • Play as the protagonist of the movie, Merida
  • Controls: simple swap and tilt control for easy gameplay
  • Level up with your character and use power ups
  • Genre endless runner
  • Android 2.1 or higher (Froyo experience is not satisfactory)

To do the download Temple Run Brave for Android, visit the link below:

Download Temple Run Brave for Android

Source: Google Play Store

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