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Android for Beginners – How to hide apps in ICS?

When we buy a new common device we find that it comes with a set of standard applications, native to the operator and manufacturer. These applications may not always be uninstalled, but there is a way not to consume RAM. In our Android Beginner series, we will explain how to hide apps on your android with ICS.

How to hide applications in ICS

Here we will explain how we can disable apps that cannot be uninstalled on our Android device with Ice Cream Sandwich version. This will prevent them from wasting RAM running in the background. The first thing we have to do is go to the information of the app in question (Settings> Apps> All and select the app).

As an example, I chose Flipboard, because in fact I don't use it much, I'm used to using another one.

hide applications android ics 2

Once the app is disabled, we will no longer see it in our app launcher (as shown in the image). The app may no longer be seen on our smartphone and not running in the background, but it still occupies memory. It is always advisable, before hiding an app, to check if it can be deleted. That way, really erase memory. In case you want it to occupy nothing of memory, you need to root.

hide applications android ics 3

To reactivate the application, repeat the same process, but click the Activate button.

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