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Already know the Zedge app for Android?

O Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers an essential app for Android and one of the most popular on Google Play Store. One of the most complete personalization apps, ideal for your Android device. The app offers unique and rare ringtones, notification sounds and high quality wallpapers optimized for your device. Millions of Android users have already installed Zedge. And you?


According to comments from app users on the Google Play Store, the user interface is very intuitive. In addition to downloading over 20,000 wallpapers and 70,000 ringtones, you can also download over 500,000 ringtones and set them as a notification or smartphone ringtone.

Price: Free


  • Great offer of ringtones and wallpapers
  • Easy to search
  • Nice user interface
  • Simple to download and apply content


  • Too many duplicate items
  • Internet connection required


The app has a large number of wallpapers, ringtones and notification ringtones available. There are 24 different categories of wallpapers to choose from and 27 for ringtones and notifications. It is very simple to search and browse from items, either through these categories or through the search bar which is very quick and fast. You can have a good view of the wallpaper you like to look at, and be able to hear the ringtones before downloading. It is easy to add items to your favorites list (no need to download), the entire content is there in your favorites section.In each item you have the download option and then the icon turns into a circle that will install Automatically wallpaper as your home screen. With sounds, he asks what you want to add to this one; a main ringtone, contact ringtone or alarm, etc. Intuitive and simple.


Zedge is a library of ringtones, notification sounds and HD wallpapers. To change the look and sound of your Android device, this app is ideal. The app also has a widget that allows you to quickly switch wallpapers directly from your home screen.

Ease of Use

The app is simple to navigate and there are many search and browse categories, as well as trying out ringtones through the player. There are also plenty of intuitive and user-friendly features. The ability to download and apply a two-tone wallpaper, customized for your particular device.

If you like to change things often, or prefer to have different ringtones for different contacts, or maybe different profiles of phone, school, work, weekend, home, etc. Zedge is great for changing the look and sound of your device, even if that's something you do regularly.


Official Video

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