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$ 20,000 fined drone pilot after landing Phantom 3 at airport

THE Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) from the government of United States fined the drone pilot Reuben Burciaga at $ 20,000 after he landed his DJI Phantom 3 near a functional runway. The incident took place in June 2018 at McCarran International Airport in Las vegas.


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According to the website Drone DJAt the time Burciaga wanted to capture an area photo of a ferris wheel. In his report, he said he lost control of the drone shortly after takeoff. With that, the Phantom 3 ended up walking slowly drifting for over a mile, until it reached the airport and landed near the runway.

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Originally, the drone pilot was fined $ 14,700, but the amount due to the US government rose after Burciaga did not appeal and did not pay the fine before maturity. It is illegal to fly a drone within 5 miles of Las Vegas airport. This means that by law it is not possible to use an unmanned aircraft in the area of Las Vegas Strip where are the most famous hotels and casinos in the city.

"You know, I really wanted to get a picture of that ferris wheel. I went to try one more time. I went to the parking area in a far corner of Ceasar's Palace. I took off, had no problems with the GPS. So I was comfortable with the GPS lock, I moved (the drone) towards what I believe was the LINQ. I got to the Las Vegas Strip area and that's where I started losing the GPS signal. "Reuben Burciaga, drone pilot, interviewing Fox 5 KVVU-TV

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