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What's Plus? Check out the differences between Samsung Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Ace Plus.

After the launch of Samsung's new device, the Galaxy Ace Plus, we bring here a comparative post of what's new in it in relation to the device that gave rise to it.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Evolution What's the Plus? Check out the differences between Samsung Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Ace Plus.

Launched last year, the Samsung Galaxy Ace was not intended to occupy the position among the best phones in the world. The idea was to offer a cost-effective device to consumers, which is why it has gained a lot of popularity. Announced this month of January by Samsung, the Galaxy Ace Plus comes to succeed the Galaxy Ace, offering more to the consumer, as its name suggests. Some features have hardly changed, others have seen big differences. Check with us what has changed and what has remained the same:

Has changed little or has not changed:

  • The camera has not changed. The 5 mega pixel resolution, Geotagging app, smile detection and all other features were retained.
  • Regarding the operating system, Plus already comes in the version Gingerbread well optimized and balanced with its hardware. Although there are already updates from Ace to Gingerbread, it is not the same as updates from the handset manufacturer. For those expecting the ICS version, it's easy to see that processing Plus would not be ideal.

What has changed, albeit modestly:

  • There is a 800MHz processing improvement from Ace to 1GHz from Plus. This improves the performance of the Gingerbread version. The new handset also has 512 mb Ram, almost twice as much as its predecessor.
  • 3gb of internal memory is obtained, close to the damp 158mb of the former. Both have microSD card support
  • There was a worsening of the battery, which did not keep up with the improvements in processing. The 1350mAh battery of the Galaxy Ace has been considerably reduced to 1300mAh in the Galaxy Ace Plus.
  • Regarding their dimensions, much has changed, although they have relatively the same appearance. Plus has a larger screen and is a bit thinner. There are differences in weight as well.

GALAXY Ace comparison What's in Plus? Check out the differences between Samsung Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Ace Plus.

As you can see, the Galaxy Ace Plus comes with the same goal as its predecessor, to conquer the consumer who doesn't want to spend a lot. Although not the best handset on the market, it undoubtedly has its space, still being a great mobile option.