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What's New Coming in Fedora 31 Workstation

Who comes to the world of LinuxAlways presented to some options for use on your PC, within those options are Fedora. In short, Fedora is a community version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and is supported by Red Hat itself. It is usually in Fedora that features will be tested and used in RHEL.

Having made this brief presentation, we will comment on the news that I see in Fedora Workstation version 31, expected to arrive at the end of October this year (2019). Some new things coming up include Wayland, new version of Gnome, better NVIDIA driver support, PipeWire, expanded Flatpak features and support, and more.

First we will comment on Wayland, Xorg's successor, who according to the project's dev Christian Schaller concludes the transition to Wayland very soon and also removing the dependency on the X Windowing System, meaning that Gnome Shell does not need to run. all the time around XWayland. He still comments because it took so long: For those who wonder why it took so long, so simple; For 20 years, developers could safely assume where we are running at the X. At the moment refactoring everything needed to remove any code that makes the assumption that it is running on has been a big effort. The work is mostly done for the shell itself, but there are a few things about the GNOME Configuration daemon where we need to kick out the X dependency.

He believes that in verses 3.34 or 3.36 of the GNOME, the transition is now complete. Still complemented on the XWayland:

Once the work is completed, server X (XWayland) will only be started if you actually run an X application and when you close the application on server X it will be terminated as well. Another change Hans de Goede is currently working on is allowing X applications to run as root on XWayland. In general, running desktop applications as root is not considered advisable from a security standpoint, but as it has always worked with X, we think it should also remain present on XWayland. This should fix some applications from outside, which only works when currently running as root.

About the NVIDIA driver working with Wayland, I will leave the dev comment, which should be enough for the situation:

Finally, there is the question of NVIDIA binary driver support. Then you can run a native Wayland session on top of the binary driver and you have been enabled for a long time. Unfortunately, there was no support for the binary driver on XWayland, so X applications (which are many) would not receive any support for 3D graphics acceleration via hardware. Adam Jackson worked on letting XWaylands load the NVidia binary driver and now we are waiting for NVIDIA to review this work and hopefully will be able to update their driver to support it.In short, it's only up to NVIDIA to approve the work done by devs. Let's hope they approve as quickly as possible.

The next to be reported, PipeWire, which for those who don't know, is a project that aims to greatly improve the handling of audio and video in Linux. The goal is to support the use cases currently controlled by PulseAudio and Jack while providing the same level of efficient handling of video input and output. It also introduces a security model that facilitates interaction with audio and video devices from applications on continer, according to the project website. Fedora devs are working to improve its core features so it is ready to replace Jack and PulseAudio for this purpose.

There was also talk about Flatpak, which in addition to the usual bug fixes and enhancements, is now focusing on improving the infrastructure so you can build it. Flatpaks from RPM packages and thus automate the process as much as possible. This is in Red Hat's view of dev, which is a prerequisite for them to start uploading some standard apps via Flatpak and eventually sending them all by default.

About GNOME itself, most likely Fedora 31 Workstation comes with version 3.34.

To read the detailed Red Hat dev post, you can access this link.

Tell us in the comments, what do you expect from this new version of Fedora.

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Hope to see you next, a big hug.

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