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What is the difference between Android 2.2 and 2.3?

And Google has already unveiled to the world its new Nexus S smartphone and the long-awaited Gingerbread Android 2.3. But what's new? What's your face?

Gingerbread has undergone a slight change in layout, but it generates a very different visual experience. The system seems to be more elegant, replacing the traditional gray of the taskbar with a solid black, valuing the green of the cones.

In addition to the redesigned look, 2.3 has rethought the keyboard, which brings in addition to minor changes in layout, the option to copy / paste by selecting the desired portion of the text. Just delimit the selected text area by dragging the bars.

Also redesigned is the camera control panel, which now has the option to choose from the cameras available on the device, such as to select the front or the main.

Another useful point in the new version is application and power control. The user has an efficient manager for the apps, which in addition to monitoring the ones that are most efficiently open, displays the battery consumption of each, allowing you to shut down the most energy hungry.

Gigi (I find it kind of inevitable to think of Shrek's cookie) can also make internet calls with SIP accounts.

Check out the demo video.