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Train Conductor 2: USA | AndroidPIT

There are so many children who would love to be drivers as adults. Thanks to Train Conductor 2: USA, this dream can come true … at least virtually. The game consists of driving trains to the correct track and thereby unlocking the next level. But beware: it may happen that trains collide. And the one that lives the diversity of this app. Want to learn more about how fun Train Conductor is, keep reading our review today.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.1.1The main screen of the game is a map of the United States. In it, the various levels of cities are displayed. In total it is possible to unlock up to eight levels which, of course, are becoming increasingly difficult.

The objective of the game, as already mentioned, is to drive as many trains as possible to unlock the next level.

In addition, for each location, a game mode called Challenge is available, which can also be played if a number of missions are completed, such as collecting a certain number of gold coins or unlocking all levels of the game. .

The principle of the game is soon explained: you will see a certain number of rails through an area view plus the trains, which are entering the sides of the screen. They have a certain number (or colors) and must be led through the rails. With your finger you choose a platform for each of them. With each new level, there are new features and features, thus increasing the degree of difficulty of the game. Over time, trains are getting faster and faster, which may cause you to drive some train to an incorrect platform. To pass the level, therefore, it will be necessary to drive all trains to their respective places. And most importantly: intact.

Very useful: Before you start a new level, you will have a brief introduction on how to drive the trains. That way you won't have many problems understanding how the game works.

The game settings are very clear, also because you can choose whether or not to have sound and musical effects and connect the app to Twitter or Facebook.

Conclusion:Train Conductor 2: USA is a really good game and it is full of challenges, either because it has many levels to reach, either by the graphic or even the soundtrack. Time goes pretty fast with him. The eight levels of the game are very different from each other and, as I said, they are gradually getting harder, but not impossible. And for each location there is a game mode called Challenge. That is, the monotony goes away from this app.

Screen & Controls

The look and feel of Train Conductor 2: USA are excellent and this can be confirmed by the fact that we use a high resolution screen to play. The animations are a spectacle. And the same can be said of the sound effects.

Speed ??& Stability

Whether in terms of speed or stability, Train Conductor 2: USA is very good. Also, the loading time of the game is very short. During our tests, the app did not show any interruption.

Price / Performance Ratio

Train Conductor 2: USA usually costs 1.63 or $ 4.29. As today is the App of the Week, you will find it in our App Center for only 0.79 euros or $ 2.08. If you want to test the app before you buy it, why not download its free version?

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