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Snap Store Earns New Custom Install Pages for Distros [UPDATE]

Thinking of improving the experience of anyone who wants to use the format in distros other than Ubuntu, now the Snap Store website has a new installation page. If you use a distro that already has snapd enabled by default, just click install the program normally. However, if you use a distro that does not have snapd still enabled, this will make your life easier for anyone who wants to use it.

In your web browser it can be Mozilla Firefox; Google Chrome; Brave; Vivaldi or Opera, just enter a simple URL (website address). The following syntax name) / (distro name). Let's go to some examples.

The first using Skype and elementaryOS. The address syntax:

Then, the following page will appear (we split to make it more didactic).

The second app and distro to use, Spotify and Linux Mint. With the syntax:

In the third example, let's use Fedora and Telegram (yes, Telegram has an official Snap version, but it's not on the site, what not). The URL syntax for Fedora:

The last case we will take as an example, Slack and Debian. For Debian, the URL syntax:

So far, 11 Linux distributions are "supported", they are: Arch, CentOS, Debian, Elementary OS, Fedora, KDE Neon, Kubuntu, Manjaro, Mint, OpenSUSE and Ubuntu.


There was an important update on the installation page of each Snap application. Now, at the bottom of each page, the list of distros appears, with icons on each page and "linked" to their respective custom installation page. In the example below, we will use Spotify.

With such simple ease and convenience when it comes to installing the program in Snap, Canonical tries to expand its market share and not getting stuck with the Ubuntu base. This may also increase the supply of applications because, with a larger base, more users and future consumers may be hit by the companies that distribute such software. Still, there are a few things to tidy up, like the subject of themes, for example. I also believe that very soon the option of "Buy" or "Buy" will appear, providing the sale of apps within the Snap Store itself, but this is a "prediction" lol.

But now, comment to us, what did you think about this ease of Snap, having pages specific to distros.

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Hope to see you next, a big hug.