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Samsung explains how the metallic frame of the Galaxy Alpha was built

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha was launched a few days ago and today the manufacturer has made available images of how the frame of the device was made of metal. The Galaxy Alpha is the first device from the manufacturer to have a metallic housing, a feature long desired by Sammy fans. Below is a gallery of images showing how Samsung worked the curved sides on the metal, as well as the resistance tests. You might be wondering what is so interesting about this process, right? Well, nothing is as great for a cell phone as Alpha, but it could be the beginning of a new era for the Galaxy Note line!

Galaxy Alpha QA Samsung Tomorrow Test
Samsung explains how the metallic frame of the Galaxy Alpha was built. / Samsung Tomorrow

As we can see from the gallery images, the metal was polished and sculpted with the Alpha's frame design format. From the curves to the careful fit of hardware such as battery, camera and display, everything goes through a computerized system that, of course, is made on an industrial scale. After cutting, we go to the anodizing process to color the metal: blue, gold, black, silver or white. Through this process, the apparatus is allowed to maintain the natural luster of the metal structure even when it is tinted with a certain color.

Just as HTC used the process called "diamond cutting" on One, Samsung did the same on the Galaxy Alpha. This process allows you to cut the metal in a way that accurately determines the angle of the edges and gives you a brighter look and, as a result, we have the impression that the device was built with high quality materials. In the images below, you can get an idea of ??how the whole construction of the device will take place until we have the device assembled.

According to the latest rumors about the Galaxy Note 4, we will have the same metallic shell as the basis of the development of the phablet.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha goes pre-sale on August 28 and hits stores on September 12, three days after the announcement of Apple's iPhone 6. In Brazil, we still do not have a date confirmed by Samsung, but according to previous rumors, the device arrive in October 2014.

And, do you like this new view of Samsung about the material used in the Galaxy line devices?

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