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Original Tamagotchi is back on its 20th birthday

O Tamagotchi is about to complete 20 years its worldwide launch and, to commemorate, the Bandai it is bringing him back the shelves. The eggs are virtually identical to the originals of the 1990s, only slightly smaller, and have already begun to be sold and sold out in Japan.

The toy was first launched in June 1996 in Japan and then in May 97 in the rest of the world. It became a true "fever" of the time and reached to Brazil, where it was better known as "virtual pet", especially for the various "generic" models that spread here, since the original version came with a very restrictive price. .

Bandai is taking a heavy toll on nostalgia to capitalize on its epoch-making toy, but it's not overly exaggerated in price. The suggested value for each model is approximately $ 13.55. For now sales are exclusive to Japan.