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OBS STUDIO Version 23.2.0 Arrives on Linux and Other Systems

Image of OBS Studio on Flatpak Back

As we have already reported, OBS STUDIO devs have decided not to differentiate between Linux, macOS and Windows, so all platforms will receive the same version of the software.

Some features and enhancements that were listed on the project's official GitHub include:

Internal browser enhancements in MacOS version, improving integration with streaming services (such as Twitch, Mixer, YouTube and the like). By the way, these improvements and fixes also benefit the Linux version. One of the devs mentions that he was able to operate the service panels, but that he still has problems and that for now the integration function is not available.;

Estimation of how much recording time remains according to available disk space (per hour, Windows version only);

It is now possible to set the exact value of the decibis (dB) in the advanced volume property, before the value was set by a percentage;

Fixed an issue in Linux where the program was not being able to capture some monitors;

Fixed an issue with the VAAPI encoder on Linux where CBR did not always produce a constant bitrate.

For a complete list of OBS bugs, fixes, and enhancements, simply access the release at this link.

Worth a mention here. OBS STUDIO in the version offered by their official ppa, for those who use NVIDIA GPUs, is not getting NVENC, in Ubuntu version 19.04, since the flatpak version occurs normally. While the snap version is quite unstable for use.

To install on Ubuntu and variants, just follow the recommendations in this link. For those who want to use the Flapak version, we have this tutorial on how to install the service in your district, since OBS STUDIO just access this link. This article does not end here, keep exchanging an idea there in our forum.

Hope to see you next, a big hug.


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