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New upgrade kit for HTC Vive will track the user's eye movements

The Chinese startup 7invensun announced its newest gadget for the HTC Vive, O aGlass, a special lens set that adds your eye tracking capability to HTC's virtual reality headset. Gadget is a result of the program Live X who invested a total of $ 100 million in startups and microenterprises to create new technologies for the VR ecosystem.

AGlass lenses go into the HTC Vive mask and connect via USB. They then use sensors and infrared lights to track users' pupil movements. The technology is not yet well defined, but in the future, with the right partnership with some games, can bring solutions not only for gameplay, but also to ease the hardware, focusing on the rendering of textures that are being focused by the person using headset when checking where she is looking.

The a Glass, however, is not cheap. The lenses will be sold worldwide from the third quarter for the suggested value of $ 220. And that adds up to the $ 799 HTC Vive.