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New features of iOS 6: Android can do better!

Since Wednesday night, iOS 6 is available for download. According to the latest version, Apple's mobile operating system offers over 200 new features. In addition to my Android devices, I also have a fourth generation iPod touch to call mine, I have already installed the latest version of iOS, and decided to make a direct comparison with Android 4.1.

Apple Maps

Much noise is being made about the inaccuracy of Apple's new map service. In fact, a disaster, plagued with navigation problems, inaccurate information and a bunch of apocalyptic 3D charts. But on the bright side, Apple finally offers a turn-by-turn navigation system, which Android has been offering for over a year.

In our tests, we prefer the look of Google Maps for Android, no doubt! Not only do maps show more information, but navigation is at street level, not from a bird's point of view – much more useful if you're lost. Even worse (of course): Apple gave us the wrong directions of a popular Berlin landmark: the Alexanderplatz. In fact, the entry for the waypoint is on the other side.

3D mapping is also in question, Apple has created some impressive three-dimensional areas of the city, but that doesn't mean every block is available in 3D and even famous spots look really bad. So Apple needs to update its Maps service as soon as possible! For now, there is no doubt: Android is the winner in every respect.

Integration with Facebook

One of the features that Apple is unveiling in its new iOS is complete integration with Facebook. Of course, Android owners will probably not be very excited about it. We are able to share anything on any network since Android 2.0. But a good addition is the way the Facebook icon pops up when you want to share something very beautiful. Otherwise, there is nothing new here.

We should also say that Android owners can share photos and anything else not just on Facebook, but also on Twitter, Dropbox, via Bluetooth, Picasa, Skype and hundreds of other apps.

Apple is at the forefront of contact sync as it allows users to sync their Facebook contacts with their address book. Android 4.1 only offers one indirect way to do this. You need to download a third party app to sync your Facebook account with your Android.

App Store

Finally Apple updated the look of its App Store. Upgrading was extremely necessary, in my opinion, as the old store was far from clean and tidy.

The new design brings a much more attractive look, but the navigation is really difficult. Maybe it's because the icons are so big now, but it seems that not everything fits the screen. In fact, the far right icons are almost always cut off. Graphically, it is very beautiful, but I feel that some space is being wasted.

Of course, the Google Play Store is far from perfect. The apps aren't so bright and appealing and there's nothing beautiful we can talk about, but at least it all fits the screen.


The idea behind the simple and ingenious Passbook: an app that can organize movie and concert tickets, vouchers and coupons. To redeem, you can simply show your device. But that's not all: Passbook will analyze your location and open your ticket automatically when you unlock the screen; Useful if you are already distracted and trying to get to your flight. Passbook will still notify you if there are any port changes.

In other words, this is a VERY cool service. There is really nothing to compare with Android.

Do not disturb

Another simple but ingenious feature on iOS 6 is Apple "No Disturb". This allows you to set silent moments for your iPhone when no one should be able to disturb it. However, you can still set up the service so that friends and loved ones can call you anyway, or even set up the app so that if anyone tries to call several times from the same line, the call will pass, just in case. of emergencies.

Android 4.1 does not offer this feature, but certain ROMS like CyanogenMod offer something similar. Even if your Android is not rooted, you can find a number of apps that let you create designs for quiet moments on your phone.

Conclusion: The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Apple would like you to believe that they made over 200 changes to iOS in the last update. In fact, the number of updates you will actually notice is very small. Although many of these changes are extremely necessary, they do not go beyond reasonable expectations. IOS has evolved a bit, but the very slow evolution, the home screen still has the form of the first, created five years ago. There are no widgets and notifications are not yet interactive.

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