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MacBook Pro catches fire in user-captured video

a fact: batteries They are dangerous components. If their mood is on a bad day, if their astral conjunctions are unfavorable, if some element is not in the right place bad things can happen even in your precious MacBook Pro of thousands of dollars.

This is exactly what happened to a DJ known as White Panda. He was with his MacBook Pro 15-inch retina, model 2015, on her lap and plugged in when the machine started to smoke from the sides. The boy then quickly set the computer on the ground, seconds before the notebook suffered a small internal explosion and caught fire.

The DJ house alarms went off immediately, dropping water and putting out the fire; then the computer continued to let out a dark smoke. The floor of the boy's room was permanently damaged by the event, but fortunately no one was injured. "I'm glad I wasn't on a plane," White Panda added.

The DJ shared his story on Twitter and Reddit, adding that the MacBook Pro in question had already undergone two repairs (one on the screen and one on the trackpad) while still under warranty, both performed by Apple itself and the machine was never moved by. unauthorized agents or equipped with alternative parts.

My MacBook Pro exploded today during normal use. Luckily, I didn't get hurt, but the house suffered some damage. It could be even worse that I wasn't on a plane.

I'm curious what Apple's answer will be.

He said that an hour after the incident, took the barbecue of MacBook Pro nearest Apple store. There, the employees recognized the gravity of the situation but said they could do nothing for 24 hours, at which time the machine would be locked in a fireproof safe; After this period, the store staff would call the DJ offering a solution.

The next day, after not receiving a call from the store, the boy returned to the scene and was informed that the problem had ?gotten worse? and the MacBook would have to stay in the vault for five days which, added the unacceptable DJ, especially for someone who uses the computer as their primary working instrument.

This is the current state of the imbroglio, but we will follow the situation to learn of upcoming events and a possible announcement from Apple.

The incident is certainly an anomaly in every day we hear cases of MacBooks Pro exploding through it after all. Still, the reminder is that every electronic device is a small potential bomb and, to avoid this kind of occurrence as much as possible, you should follow some basic precautions: always leave them charging on ?hard? and flat surfaces, for example, And preventing them from sticking around for long periods without anyone around is good tips.

via MacRumors