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Logitech Announces New Craft Wireless Keyboard with Disk-shaped Control

THE Logitech announced a new wireless keyboard focused on work and productivity, the Craft. The big differential of the new device is a small disco in the upper left corner of the keyboard, called Creative Input Dial. It is a touch-sensitive control that can perform many functions depending on the program being used.

As the video shows, Dial is already configured and compatible with Windows and some programs by default, but the user can choose which functions he wants the button to perform. It works not only with drawing software like Photoshop it's the Illustrator, but also with other production, such as the famous Excel.

Disk function is not restricted to work programs, and is compatible with Spotify too, for example. You can use the controller to browse lists, change songs, and adjust volume.

The other keys use a standard membrane construction and are also backlit. The keyboard arrives for the suggested price of $ 199.

Creative Input Dial is very similar to Surface Dial, which we saw at the highly acclaimed Surface Studio presentation late last year.