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Lenovo lana Smart Assistant, which mimics Amazon Echo costing less

THE Lenovo launched a digital assistant gadget for the home, right along the lines of the Google Home It's from Amazon Echo. The device, called Lenovo Smart Assistant and appeared on CES 2017, is so appreciated with Amazon Echo that even uses the same Artificial Intelligence, called Alexa.

Of course, for this, the Chinese giant worked with Amazon itself in the development of the product. The operation of Smart Assistant is quite simple. With competitors from Google and Amazon, just speak the questions or commands to the gadget that will give you the answer or execute the command.

Its design follows the same cylindrical and tall pattern as Home and Echo, but with the difference that their volume control is at the top. Also new is that the fabric materials on the underside of the device may come in different colors.

Smart Assistant has 8 microphones, and according to Lenovo can hear commands from up to 4.8 m away. It comes in at $ 129.99 – or $ 50 cheaper than Amazon Echo.

Official Website: Lenovo Smart Assistant

Another model, with more powerful and higher quality sound, will be available for $ 180. The speakers of this other edition are the result of a partnership with the audio company. Harman kardon.