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iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy S3: who wins in the fall challenge?

If you like technology like me you will feel a pain when watching the video, at least curious …. see:

In the old days, we will have mobile phones of impressive heights and yet the handsets will be unharmed. Some models, like older Nokia copies, have become Internet memes because of their durability.

Unfortunately, this does not apply to all cell phones made today. In many cases a simple fall causes the smartphone to be unusable.

Android Authority decided to test Samsung's big new model, the Galaxy S3, and how it reacts to crashes when compared to its direct competitor, the iPhone 4S. Are you very careful with your phone and fear any bump? Then you will probably suffer from the test video.

The iPhone 4S was the one that caused the most pain to appear in that pitiful state, but at least it kept working. Meanwhile, the S3 became whole, but became a paperweight. In this battle, Apple 1 x 0 Samsung.

So for you Apple or Samsung, Galaxy or iPhone, Android or iOS?

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