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iOS 13 is now available to all users; Check out the news! [atualizado]

After eight test versions and many new discoveries among them, the day has finally come: the final version of iOS 13 (from build 17A577, same as version Golden master) has just been officially released by Apple for all users.

This allows you to upgrade your compatible devices right now to take advantage of all the new system features. For a complete guide to all the ways to upgrade your device right now, just visit our tutorial published earlier today.


Below we list all the devices that can receive the new system:


  • iPhone XS;
  • iPhone XS Max;
  • iPhone XR;
  • iPhone X;
  • iPhone 8;
  • iPhone 8 Plus;
  • iPhone 7;
  • iPhone 7 Plus;
  • iPhone 6s;
  • iPhone 6s Plus;
  • iPhone SE.

In addition, of course, the iPhones 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max that come with iOS 13 factory installed.

iPod touch

Remembering that iPads now run a variation of the operating system called ?iPadOS?. His first verse (j 13.1) comes out on September 30th, September 24th, next to iOS 13.1.

What's New in iOS 13

Below, we list in topics the main news brought by the new system. If you want more in-depth coverage of all the details of the changes, just browse our site and check out our numerous articles dealing with the subject quite a bit!

Dark mode

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A true visual respite for those who think iOS is too white, iOS 13 Dark Mode can be turned on by Control Center or set to turn on automatically at night. It changes the look of the entire system, and apps already adapted by its developers follow the global configuration. Remember that the feature also brings some battery saving to iPhones with OLED screens (X, XS, XS Max, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max), because of the operation of this type of panel.

Camera Apps and Photos

As with other recent updates, Apple has also put its efforts into bringing new features and more intelligence to the camera's native app. On iOS 13, you can control the intensity of Portrait Lighting Mode and add a new effect called High Tone Mono (on compatible devices, of course).

In the Photos app, we have a new view mode that separates the best moments photographed by you, divided into colees per day, month or year. The app also comes with more editing tools and even lets you edit videos without leaving it.



In iOS 13, the Search My iPhone and Search My Friends apps have been merged into a new one called Search (Find My).

With a revamped and more practical interface, the idea is that in a single application you will be able to locate both relatives / friends and their own devices.


Sign in with Apple on iPadOS 13

One of the great privacy gimmicks introduced in iOS 13 is a button. Yes, a button called ?Sign in with Apple? (?Sign in with Apple?), which can replace the Facebook or Google login buttons; According to Ma, the process is much more private and secure than that offered by its competitors (although not everyone agrees with this), since you know exactly what kind of information they are sharing.

In addition, iOS 13 brings something new to HomeKit: with HomeKit Secure Video, users can store in the cloud the content of security cameras installed by their homes or offices. You need to have a paid iCloud plan for this, however as explained here.


Apple Maps Look Around on iOS 13

Finally, Apple outperformed Google on its Maps platform: the new feature Look around (Look Around), as we explored in this article, a much more powerful alternative to Street view, with much more fluid animations and a more granular capture.

Also, on iOS 13, you can set up favorite places to navigate to them quickly. There is also the possibility of creating collections of places very useful feature to list places you want to know on your next trip, for example.

AirPods Audio Sharing

For those moments for two, nothing better than sharing a beautiful song and iOS 13 allows just that, with the simultaneous connection of two pairs of AirPods for you and your loved one to enjoy. same song.


Memoji in iOS 13 Messaging app

Her face-based Apple figurines have gained even more customization options, such as new hairstyles, accessories, make-up and piercings. In addition, iOS 13 features Memoji Stickers, static sticker packages that you can share in all the most popular messengers so you are no longer restricted to iMessage.

QuickPath Keyboard

QuickPath on iOS 13 Keyboard

Fast, shaky typists: Importing a feature already present in third-party options for years, the native iOS 13 keyboard finally allows for swipe typing. With QuickPath, you just have to slip out your finger between the letters of the word to make it a time saver for some, and a nightmare for others.

Sticky notes

The Reminders app (Reminders) has been totally renovated and is much more powerful. You can now create smart lists that automatically organize and group all your reminders; A new toolbar is for quickly adding dates, times, places, flags, photos, and scanned documents to your records. And the new home screen shows the most important reminders right away so you never miss a thing.


Apple's automotive system is more independent in integration with iOS 13: now it no longer reflects the open app on your iPhone and may show another kind of content. We also have a new Calendar app itself and a renewal of the Apple Music app, highlighting the album covers without, of course, rearranging the interface.

Enhanced performance

Some system points have been redesigned for improved performance. Face ID, for example, unlocks your iPhone up to 30% faster, while apps can open up to twice as fast and weigh less, as we saw in this post.

New volume indicator

Volume indicator on iOS 13.1

Although small, this is one of the best changes of iOS 13: the old Russian volume indicator, which occupied a huge area in the center of the screen and covered the vision of whatever you were doing on your device, comes out, and a new one arrives, It's much friendlier, which comes up to the left of the screen and even lets you control the volume by sliding your finger up and down.

Augmented Reality

ARKit 3 Feature on iPad Pro

ARKit has gained even more improvements in iOS 13: It is now able to detect people and position objects in front of or behind them for an even greater sense of realism. It was also built into framework a motion capture feature (for reproducing a person's movements, for example) and tracking multiple faces, for detecting the expression of up to three people at a time. These news are restricted to a small number of handsets, however.

Apple Arcade

Along with iOS 13, Apple also made available Apple Arcade, its gaming subscription platform. In fact, she had already made everything available on 9/16, as long as the user was using the version Golden master 13 or the latest beta version of iOS 13.1.

The idea that new ones are released weekly.

Arcade costs just $ 9.90 a month, has a one month trial period and can be shared by the entire family as long as you have activated the Family Sharing feature.

How to install?

As we talked about at the beginning of the article, we have prepared a full article, unraveling all the options you have for installing iOS 13 in the way that suits you best (simply upgrading from iOS 12 to the device itself, installing manually from Mac / PC, doing a clean install in order to correct any errors or improve device performance, etc.).

It is worth checking!

Recalling that while today's release is completely official and that same build of iOS 13 is the one that is installed on iPhones 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max that will hit stores tomorrow, the system is not yet 100% round the corner. no wonder Apple has already promised to release the iOS 13.1 next day 30. That is, if you have patience, it is advisable to wait until there.

Well, who is already running iOS 13? Share with us your experiences below!

Update 09/14/2019 s 14:51

To whom it may concern, our complete iOS 13 installation guide has been updated right now with direct links to download the new system's IPSW files.