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iLost: 5 hilarious flaws in the new Apple Maps

When we first heard that the Apple was planning his own service of Maps For your new version of the mobile operating system – iOS – we were concerned. The rivalry between Apple and Google has become widespread, with the company founded by Steve Jobs denying customers access to Google Maps.

Apple's Maps app has changed the world! Literally. See how the world has changed since the introduction of Apple Maps. New airports were created and wavy bridges were built …

1. The Sears Tower (once the tallest building in the world) has shrunk.

2. Manhattan now in Brooklyn.


3. Kyiv (Kiev) changed his name to Kylv.


4. The city of Helsinki has built a railway station in a citizen's backyard.

5. Someone built a crazy new bridge.

Also, now when searching for London, the city appears in Canada and not in the United Kingdom. Berlin was renamed Schoeneiche and there is a new airport in Dublin … How did Apple get money to do all these things?

# iOS6Maps has been a hot topic on Twitter today and thousands of people are complaining / joking about the changes. Worst of all, iPhone users can't get anywhere.

Everything you knew about the world is now different. What a disgrace!

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