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HERE arrives for Android, but only for Galaxy line devices

As everyone watches Samsung take over the world mobile market, the company is signing partnerships to bring exclusive services to the Galaxy line. This time, Samsung has signed an agreement with Nokia to use the "Here" map service. The Galaxy S5 should be the first device in the series to receive beta.

Samsung here
Samsung's Galaxy Line will feature Nokia's map service. / Here

According to Here's official blog, the map service comes free to Android, and, like devices running Microsoft OS, the app can be used without an internet connection. Thus, the software becomes a major competitor on Google's platform, as it promises what most Android apps don't offer, that is, use of GPS for location, map navigation and searching for specific locations without the need for internet. .

Another plus point of Here is the ability to download maps of certain regions for offline use. While this means a quick address search experience using such a feature, it also means using the device's memory, but nothing that an extra SD card won't solve. Excluding these features, in practice, the service offers what Google Maps also enables, even the similar usage experience. So you can use options like public transport, car or even foot. As well, opt for alternative routes in case of heavy traffic or road works.

More competitiveness between Android apps

In short, the service is quite complete and now has an Android version, which will generate competition for apps like Google Maps, TomTom or Waze, for example.

The service is still in beta, can be used with Samsung's Galaxy line devices, as well as the newly announced Gear S, connected to Samsung's "Car" mode and compatible with the Glympse app that shares the user's location. . The announcement will be made during IFA 2014, during the launch event of Gear S and Galaxy Note 4, on September 3rd. Here will be available for Galaxy phones when Gear S hits stores.

And as an Android user, how do you see Here coming to Google OS users, even partially? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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