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A lot of people miss the keyboard they are used to working with on the computer. Especially because it has difficulty adapting to the keyboard layout of the smartphone. Hacker's Keyboard is a keyboard-based app made for Gingerbread and comes in a range of formats, which may be the solution to the problem of adapting to smartphone keyboards. Read the review of this app and see if you have it on your device.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy NexusAndroid version: 4.1.1Root: NoMods: None

Hacker's Keyboard occupies 2.16 MB and the requested permissions are trivial and necessary. In order to start using the app you need to configure some options. The good thing you have at your disposal is a guide that explains everything, step by step. The first thing to do is select Hacker's Keyboard as your preferred keyboard and then activate its layout. It is possible to add several dictionaries if it is in your interest.

Hacker's Keyboard offers a great range of keyboards, including some not normally found (Armenian, Arabic, Hebrew, Thai).

The keyboard itself closely resembles the famous QWERTY. However, you can configure it according to your demands and typing habits. Let's not delve into the details of each option, but here is a brief overview of the features we think are most important:

Keyboard View Settings: Here you can change the dimensions and set the keyboard mode. For example, if it should resemble a computer keyboard or if it should be adapted to the smartphone screen.

Keyboard Behavior Settings: Does key vibration irritate when you are typing? It is in this option that you can disable this feature and other options. Gestures can also be set to reactivate the keyboard by means of fast commands (for example, to open and close the keyboard).

There are also options to complete words automatically or correct them. However, we can not fail to make some criticisms of the app. Developers, for example, warn that not all languages ??and layouts work on all phones. On our test device, the Galaxy Nexus, everything worked very well. Maybe those problems were solved by the developers.

Users report that there would be some problems with the Arabic and Hebrew keyboards in versions of Android prior to Honeycomb. We did not notice any issues mentioned above.

Conclusion:Hacker's Keyboard really impressed us. There are so many configuration options that it will be impossible for any user to be able to configure their keyboard their own way. Although the developers made it clear that the app still has issues, we haven't checked them out. So the only way to know if this is by testing it.

Screen & Controls

In general, the Hacker's Keyboard really very well done. The layout is easy to use, including five-line variation.

Speed ??& Stability

Hacker's Keyboard worked very well during our testing battery.

Price / Performance Ratio

Hacker's Keyboard can be downloaded for free from our App Center. The app does not come with advertisements and works very well. In that regard, it can only have five stars.

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