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Google Maps and Waze gain integration with Siri; Yahoo Mail, djay, Tripsy and others are updated

And we're back with the most important recent updates from the App Store that, as you might imagine, are fully in tune with the recent release of iOS 13.

Let's have a look at them, then?

Google Maps and Waze

Google's two map services have received something new that makes life for iPhone users much simpler: integration with Siri.

Google Maps app icon - Traffic & Food

Waze app icon - GPS & Live Traffic

Those with the sharpest memory remember that Apple used Waze's own example to demonstrate Siri's new skills on iOS 13; With today's update, both apps (Google Maps and Waze) can interact with the wizard so you can route directly with your voice.

Remember that you need to specify Siri that is asking for directions to the specific map service if you simply say ?give me directions to that place?, the assistant will take you to Apple Maps (and nobody wants that, obviously). The changes work, too, in CarPlay.


App icon Streets App

Meanwhile, the app for viewing Google Street View panoramas on the iPhone or iPad (more skillfully this) has gained support for iOS 13 Dark Mode. The app recognizes your overall preference for appearance and adjusts accordingly.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail app icon - all organized

Meanwhile, Yahoo's email client has been redesigned following the launch of the new website brand and, with it, new features. We now have, for example, a new bottom navigation bar that is fully customizable, so you can add your most important shortcuts in one easy-to-access place.

There is also a new way to access your account information (by tapping on your profile avatar) and a feature to quickly switch between folders (by tapping the ?Inbox? tab in the bottom bar). You can also set up new notification alerts, sync the look of the app with iOS 13 Dark Mode, and automatically unsubscribe from mailing lists.

Finally, we have a new attachment preview screen that shows all the files you received in a given email.


Djay app icon - DJ App & Mixer

The most popular mixing app from iOS has gained support for the Files app (Files) from iOS 13 with it, you can import music and audio files directly from iCloud Drive or external storage drives.

Djay 3.2 also features a new portrait mode on the iPad; On the tablet, there is also a new shortcut to the equalizer in the mixing section. We also have new sound packs and several other enhancements at various points in the app.


Apollo for Reddit app icon

The Reddit access client has gained support for many of the new features in iOS 13. To start with, as we already have, we have synchronized with the system's Dark Mode so that the app will adjust its appearance to the overall system preference.

We also support Siri Shortcuts so you can set up custom shortcuts; You can, for example, ask an assistant to take you directly to a subreddit or to a specific user. Apollo 1.6 also comes with Haptic Touch support for easily previewing images and videos.

Another really cool new support for joysticks Video Game brought by iOS 13 with it, you can browse the app with your favorite control, opening topics, favoring comments and viewing multimedia content. We also have improved accessibility features: you can, for example, control the app with your voice without touching it at any time.

Live Home 3D

Live Home 3D app icon - Interior Design

Following the game, the 2D / 3D architectural design app also gained support for some iOS 13 new features, such as Dark Mode and productivity gestures (copy, paste, cut and undo).

We also have integration with ARKit 3 for a new augmented reality experience. Collaborative sessions can now be held where your manipulations are instantly reflected on other devices, and the app is able to recognize (and hide) people in an AR scene.

Finally, it can also simulate sunlight in a scene based on its geolocation and time of day.


Tripsy app icon

The travel planning app has come to version 2.0 with lots of news. Viewing an upcoming trip now brings you quick access to the necessary documents and your flight / hotel information; There are also lists filtered by activity type, a quick access button to your itinerary and a counter of the total number of days on the trip.

By adding an activity on a particular trip, Tripsy can automatically search for addresses or locations; Once added, the activity will have a map embedded so you never get lost. You can also choose a time of day for an activity (morning, afternoon, night) instead of a specific time.

Travel customization also allows you to assign background images or specific colors to them, and you can save images, notes, videos and documents on each trip to create a kind of diary within the app itself.

Tripsy 2.0 also features iOS 13 Dark Mode support, and Siri integrates so the assistant asks if you want to include a hotel / flight / restaurant reservation in your calendar. We also have a new supported iPadOS app Split viewas well as a new experience in the scripts premium entitled to special cover photos and introductions for each city.


App icon Ingress + Movies + Cinemas

Finally, the ticket purchase application gained user geolocation support. With it, the app will show the theaters closest to you first on the list; You can, if you want, change the setting so that it shows the properties in alphabetical order, as it always has.