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Google buys Snapseed, competitor from Instagram

Google bought, for an undisclosed sum, the German company Nik Software, which is responsible for developing the photo editing application. Snapseed, competitor to InstagramThe Snapseed app (priced at $ 4.99), with Instagram-like functions (free), has been a big hit in the iOS universe. The photo editing app has been considered by Apple, the iPad app of the year 2011, and has since accumulated over nine million users. The company said the Android version of its app is under development.

Now that the company has been bought by Google, it will be immediately relocated to Mountain View, Calif., To work on projects with the Google+ team. Nor is it unlikely that it will play a major role in the next version of the Android operating system. Snapseed allows you to edit photos, add filters and share images on social networks. The advantage of the Nik Software app, however, is that it can be installed on desktops as it has more advanced image editing functions.

"We want to help our users create photos that they truly love, and in our experience Nik does it better than anyone," Senior Vice President Vic Gundotra said in a message.

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