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GNOME raises over $ 1 million in 2018

The nonprofit, which manages all GNOME-related projects, publishes its 2018 annual report.

The project GNOME One of the biggest in the Linux world, it is wrong to think that only Gnome-Shell (graphical interface) is its only role. There are several projects that encompass a vast and rich ecosystem. Nevertheless, companies and employees invest in GNOME Foundation. Even though it is a non-profit organization, money is still the world's moving and open source initiatives, in addition to contributing code, needs financial resources.

gnome-foundation-shell-free-software-open-source-linux O fiscal year 2018 GNOME Foundation saw a substantial increase in its income. Of course, what part of the merit was thanks to $ 400,000 donation gives Handshake.orgis a decentralized certification authority and peer-to-peer DNS service. Through small corporate and user donations, the 2018 collection grew compared to the previous fiscal year. In total there were more than $ 1 corn, US $ 270 thousand more than 2017. Expenditures had a tremendous increase, registering a little over $ 365,000 (Just because you get the software for free doesn't mean it was free).

With positive fiscal results, GNOME demonstrates that companies, organizations and individuals are interested in their ecosystem. What more contributions can be made to their growth, whether they are donations of money, time, marketing or development.

Which projects would you like to see receiving the most support? Consider helping some, the little you give can become a lot. Stay on top of news in our Diolinux Plus forum, go and do not miss anything else.

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