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Much has been said about Flipboard. And a lot of people don't understand why so much fuss around this app. After all, what is it for if news can be viewed and read in other social media apps and newspapers? Let's look at what makes Flipboard one of the most successful apps.

Functions & Usage

Devices:Samsung Galaxy NexusAndroid Version: 4.1.1Root: SimMods: Yes / Popcorn Kernel 5.11

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1Android Version: 4.0.4Root: SimMods: None

App DetailsWheel from: Android 2.2App2SD: Not detectable on Galaxy NexusApp Size: approx. 4 MBOptimized for Ice Cream Sandwich and JellyBean: YesOptimized for tablet: No, viewing on a very large screen of 10

PermissionsNetwork CommunicationsDevice Memory

What's the Flipboard Balcony? Here's a quick answer: Flipboard collects news of topics of interest to the user, including the latest published on different existing social networks. And to see it all, you don't need to have an app for each of the networks. In fact, with Flipboard, you will have all the information that interests you in one app.

What social networks does the app support? We mention the most important: Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin and Google Reader. And their integration with the perfect Flipboard. Better yet, you can either select a specific category from these networks, or have all the information. Not to mention that you can add as many sources of information as you want.

Flipboard is very practical, no doubt. And what still draws attention to its design. This app was already available for iOS long ago. A few months ago it was released for Android. Its design has been described as a bold mix between a magazine and Windows Phone, a description that is not far from true.

On the app's main screen, a white background highlighted with different rectangular cells. These rectangles contain the different magazines, pages and social networks of interest to the user. These, in turn, when they have an update of a new article, for example, sync with Flipboard.

In the end, the app really looks like a magazine. In the news category, for example, you can navigate in the direction you want and read the articles flipping through, like it's a real magazine. which houses one of the aspects that makes Flipboard a beautiful app.

You can even split the different cells based on the sources of provenance or select the articles to read later. In most cases, a mobile version of a certain page appears as default. But this is not a problem: you can open the original web page. We have already advanced that the Flipboard browser is great for reading news. And to return to the home page, simply click on the corresponding button or swipe the screen from right to left, simulating a gesture of back to back.

Browse Flipboard the simplest thing in the world. This is thanks to the intuitive and fast gestures that the app arouses in the user. Combining navigation and sophisticated design explains where the success of Flipboard comes from. Not to mention that the integration of the app with social networks is very efficient.

Conclusion:Flipboard really got us excited. However, this perception is quite subjective and each of you will have your opinion. Objectively, what makes the app so interesting is its beautiful design and the practicality of bringing together all your reading sources in one app.

Screen & Controls

The excellent flipboard. There are, however, aspects to be improved. For example, the Android Back button works on occasion, that is, if you are reading an article, it may be that the button takes you back to the website you are reading from instead of back to the home page. Flipboard In situations of sharing an article, problems with the photos can happen. Despite this, the app works very well overall.

Speed ??& Stability

Flipboard had no stability issues during our tests. Page updates, however, are not as fast on some occasions.

Price / Performance Ratio

Flipboard is available for download from the Google Play Store: all for free and without banners!