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Throughout its history, humanity has always wanted to explore the world in which it lives. Developers of Classic Alchemy HD, knowing this, decided to create a puzzle with a very particular logic. The success of this app is precisely that it is so special. Follow our review and see how it is so different.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy TabThe application takes up about 20 MB and so the installation takes a couple of minutes. Earth, water, air and fire are the basic elements that make up Classical Alchemy HD. The first time you use the app, it is recommended to take a look at its instructions so that everything is very clear. It's time to start playing.

The goal is to create new elements by combining existing ones. It all starts with the primordial elements already mentioned above. For example, if you combine water and land, it will result in a swamp.

This is how the elements are combined. What is finally being done is creating its own ecosystem as demiurges of a new world. The game also includes metals, chemicals and living organisms (from amino acids). It is still possible to create buildings, means of transport and other human inventions, such as a mill or musical instruments. There are a large number of categories that emerge as new elements are created.

Understand which elements should be combined to create others:Some combinations are simple and logical, but others need good intuition. During the tests, we tried to create a living being through cells and put together some amino acid chains and nothing. When we did the same experiment with two bacteria, it worked! Other combinations are unusual, but fun and very didactic, since the combinations are the same as nature conceived.

At the top of the screen, the i is there to indicate the elements that have not yet been created and need to be. The same information can be obtained by clicking on the inventory already constituted and which is in the left part of the screen. By clicking on an element of the equation, you can still use the points earned so far to find the information you need or to know which category it belongs to. Information of this type costs 35 to 100 points.

Conclusion:Classic Alchemy HD is a great puzzle, though it's so unusual. From the evaluation of users who already have it, we believe it is a game that has everything to go far. The game seems to be addictive.

Screen & Controls

The text of the Classic Alchemy HD is not so easy to read, but the symbols of the elements are very well made and are therefore easily identifiable.

Controls are generally very good, although the elements selected in the right part can be transferred to the inventory in the left part of the screen. This can make everything very confusing.

Speed ??& Stability

We have nothing to complain about in this regard: Classic Alchemy HD works fluidly and we do not check for any disruption during our tests.

Price / Performance Ratio

Classic Alchemy HD is available for free on Google Play and comes with a small banner that doesn't hurt anyone.

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