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Amazon Echo: All you need to know in 2019

Smart speakers have emerged relatively recently, but have become extremely popular, especially outside Brazil, due to their prices. They use the technology of mobile assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant or, in this case, Alexa.

Let's follow our series of reviews and comparisons of the three such devices sold in our country, following the comparison between them and the review of Echo Show 5, now seeing all the features and functionality of the Amazon Echo 3rd Generation, the latest iteration. the product that pioneered this type of device.

1. Body and construction

Amazon Echo uses only the best materials to build, resulting in a product that is not only excellent, durable, beautiful to look at, but also very modern. It is covered, like all others in the Amazon Echo line, with a very good quality fabric.

This product, unfortunately, does not offer the possibility to change its external color later, as the previous generation allowed; So choose very well which variant you want, if you buy. However, it is available in four very beautiful colors: black, white, blue and gray.

Amazon Echo Colors

It is completely different from the previous generation, using equal parts only from Echo Plus, resulting in incredible improvements. One of the biggest strengths of this new version is the sound quality offered, which is much better than any other product in the line.

At the top of Amazon Echo, you can find four buttons; two for volume control, increase and decrease, one to mute the microphone and one to activate Alexa without talking to her. These buttons are in a color-colored cap, which is surrounded by a light-emitting ring of some colors, each with its own function.

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Blue indicates that Alexa is listening to you; will change to blue circling when you finish speaking to indicate that the assistant is processing. Violet light indicates WiFi configuration problem; orange indicates that the device is trying to connect to the network; red, that the microphone is turned off.

Blue with purple, which mode does not disturb is active; pulsating green light indicates the user is receiving a phone call; circling green light that the call was answered; Pulsing yellow light means you have unread messages in your inbox.

2. Features and Alexa

Most of the innovations offered by Amazon Echo are in the design industry, even though their hardware has improved as well. Its speakers are great considering the size of the device, and they won't let you down if you want to hear music.

The assistant is also much better compared to its previous versions, even though it still leaves something to be desired when compared to Google Assitant; With it, you can perform numerous functions and give voice commands to control various things in your home.

The user may ask the assistant, for example, to set an alarm for him. She can alert you to events she has recorded in the calendar, remembering to prepare to leave before going to a doctor or in similar situations. It is also possible to ask several questions, such as the time, the weather and even curiosities.

In addition, it integrates with your smart home, for example, turning on the lights at the time you usually arrive, automatically adjusting the thermostat so that the temperature is pleasant before you even get home, and even playing a playlist when you open it. door.

Plus, you can play music very easily by simply asking Alexa from your Amazon Echo. Unfortunately, it does not have access to some of the most popular platforms, such as YouTube, but it does have Spotify and Amazon Music. You can also turn it into a simple bluetooth speaker by connecting to your smartphone.

A major problem with her, however, is the difficulty in making herself understood, as she has problems with accents and even more natural ways of speaking, sometimes causing the user to change their language to ask for things.


Amazon Echo 3 Generation is a really great smart speaker, with improvements in the key areas where it left you wishing. Its audio is much clearer, resulting in an infinitely better experience of listening to music than in the previous version, in addition to having very beautiful color options.

All the extra control you get from having this smart speaker can be very worthwhile, especially if you have other smart devices at home as well, as they are integrated with each other. If price is not a problem, be sure to buy this device as it is the best of those sold here.

And what do you think about our Amazon Echo analysis?

We hope you enjoyed what you saw in our article and that we helped you decide if this product is worth it or not for you. Tell us in the comments if you already use any other handset or want to buy one soon and don't forget to check out our comparisons between Echo Dot vs Google Home, Echo Dot vs Google Home MinieAlexa vs Google Home.