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Amazon Appstore: $ 225 free apps for 2 days!

Amazon's app store today began offering more than twenty entirely free paid apps. The promotion goes on Saturday, so don't waste your time!

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Over twenty free apps on the Amazon Appstore! / Amazon / AndroidPIT
<p>Megapromoo includes great apps like <strong>Root explorer</strong>, O <strong>2Do: Todo List</strong> it's the <strong>MyBackup Pro</strong>. In all, the applications would cost more than $ 225.00. Until Saturday, that is, June 28th, they are all free. And just today you can also download the cult game for free <strong>MacGyver Deadly Descent</strong>.</p><div class=

Amazon has been surpassing its offer of free apps, and users are grateful for the initiative. And Google Play Store, we also want more promotions!

You can see the full list of free apps on the Amazon Appstore.

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