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After months of testing, Apple makes Reality Composer available on the App Store

The latest Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) was so full of news that it was hard to remember everything Apple presented there, but we are just here to refresh your memory. One of the areas highlighted by Ma was augmented reality: The company introduced a new Swift API called RealityKit, and to accompany it, a new app, named Reality Composer.

The app has passed the last few months in the testing phase and today, with the arrival of iOS 13, has been released in its final version, now available for free on the App Store for anyone who wants to create (relatively) easily augmented reality experiences.

Reality Composer app icon

Reality Composer, which requires iOS 13 to work, incorporates RealityKit into a user-friendly, work-ready interface. It has a library of hundreds of virtual objects for you to start creating your experiments; You can customize these objects in size, style, or color, or import your own USDZ files to enhance scenarios.

The app also has a huge range of animation and audio options (with support for the space audio feature) to enrich user interaction. You can even record data from your iOS device's camera and sensors to establish where the AR experiment will take place and play it back whenever you are there.

Remember that a version of Reality Composer already exists within Xcode for MacThen you can easily integrate the experiences you build into it with the tools in the iOS app (or vice versa).