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What do your Samsung firmware numbers mean?

With each new firmware update a new build number appears, which for many may represent a meaningless alphanumeric series, but in reality it is a very logical code. We certainly recognize the terminal model number (19505 for S4, for example), but the rest remains a mystery. So far, because here I will explain the meaning of the firmware number of Samsung devices.

Beginner Android

The build number is divided into three parts that correspond to the device model, country / language, and build date. Firmware is designed by region. It is therefore very important when manually flashing a firmware through Odin to ensure that it is right for your model and region, although the latter is more flexible. On the other hand, knowing the date when the firmware was compiled offers a notion about the state of the firmware, especially with regard to bugs or possible errors.

Meaning of build number

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The build number of my S4. / AndroidPIT
<p>The latest firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S4 International  <strong>l9505XXUFNAD</strong>. From such code we can extract the model number (l9505) and come across the letters <strong>XXU</strong>, which refer to the code <em>CSC</em> do pas, abbreviation for <em>Customer Software Customization</em> (Customization of Client Software). Check out this topic from XDA Developers to learn more about CSC codes.</p>
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The list of firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S3 from SamMobile. / AndroidPIT / SamMobile

Continuing, we find the letter F, which corresponds to the version of Android on which the firmware is based, KitKat 4.4.2. Finally, we have NAD. The first letter refers to the year of the verse (2014), and the second to the month (January). The last letter refers to the review code in ms. Up to the ninth version, numbers are used, then letters (A = 10, B = 11, etc.). This is therefore the 14 revision code, represented by the letter D.

Codes by date:


  • J = 2010
  • K = 2011
  • L = 2012
  • M = 2013
  • N = 2014

and so on…


  • A = January
  • B = February
  • C = March
  • D = April
  • E = May
  • F = June
  • G = July
  • H = August
  • I = September
  • J = October
  • K = November
  • L = December

Now you can better understand your Samsung smartphone.

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