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Usage tips for Sony Xperia Z1

The Sony Xperia Z1 reigned as the flagship of the Japanese company for a very short time, as the Z2 has already been launched internationally and is about to reach many markets. This does not mean, however, that it is already a veteran device. Sony even decided to launch the Z1 Compact in Brazil to focus on the distribution of the original, which had good reception in the country. Thinking about the current and future owners of the Xperia Z1, I have prepared a series of tips for optimizing the use of the device.

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Smart Connect: Factory Automation

With Sony's app called Smart Connect, you can decide what happens automatically when you connect a device to the device. As a device, charger, headset and headset options are available. Other devices can be added by clicking the + button. This way, you can set the Walkman app to activate on its own when you insert the headphones, or to automatically mute the phone when it is connected to the charger at night, among others.

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Smart Connect automates various actions of the Z1. / AndroidPIT
<h2><strong>Customize the quick settings</strong></h2>
<p>The number and order of the quick settings icons can be determined by you by going to the settings menu and then <strong>Customization> Quick Settings</strong>. Alternatively, you can also access the configs. quick and select <strong>To edit</strong>.</p>
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Info-eye: the camera as a research tool

Among the camera application modes is the function called Info-eye. This is a kind of Augmented Reality option, in which the captured image content is identified and related information is searched on the internet in real time. This goes for beverage labels, product bar codes, famous landmarks and surrounding attractions, and more.

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Info-eye is an interesting mode of the Z1 camera. / AndroidPIT
<h2><strong>Optimize the battery</strong></h2>
<p>Sony offers some options for optimizing battery life. The most effective call of <strong>Stamina mode</strong>found in <strong>Settings</strong> > <strong>Energy management</strong>. Stamina Mode disables apps and functions when the screen is off. As you can see from the screenshots below, battery life increases significantly when this mode is enabled.</p>
<figure><img alt=

Soft Reset

When the device has locked up, it's often just called Soft Reset can help. Since on Z1 the battery cannot be removed, there is an alternative way to restart your device. On the right side, next to the Micro SIM card slot, there is a small red button, accessible only with a clip or pin. Clicking this button will restart Z1.

Better sound with the equalizer

Sony's Walkman app is one of the best native smartphone players, and one reason is that it offers so many customization possibilities. In the application settings there is, for example, a 5-band equalizer that can be adjusted manually. A tip: for a better sound it is usually enough to raise the bass and treble values ??a little.

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Setting the equalizer. / AndroidPIT
<h2><strong>Free memory</strong></h2>
<p>The Xperia Z1 has a microSD slot, but in principle saves all photos, music and videos in internal memory. To gain space, transfer files to the microSD card (just go to <strong>Settings </strong>> <strong>Storage </strong>> <strong>Transfer data to SD card</strong>).</p>
<h2><strong>Disable bloatware</strong></h2>
<p>Sony has a number of native apps, and some coincide with services already offered by Google, which an Android user may be more used to. Without root access, you cannot delete these apps, but you can still disable them and remove them from the app drawer. For that, just go s <strong>Settings </strong>> <strong>Apps</strong>, select the app and click <strong>Deactivate</strong>. The process can be reversed at any time.</p>
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Do you know any other tips for the Xperia Z1? Share with us in the comments!

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