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US court asks Spotify for more information about prosecution against Apple

Time may have passed, but the dust between Apple it's the Spotify didn't lower it. As we reported, at the beginning of the year the giant of streaming Sweden has publicly complained about unequal and restrictive Ma system rules, encouraging several other companies to accuse the Cupertino giant of monopoly.

Behold, about six months after the beginning of the imbroglio, US justice requested Spotify for further information to support these allegations, according to a new report from Reuters.

The Judiciary Committee of the US House of Representatives contacted the streaming of music with large requests for information, according to one source, who added that the company's request consisted of telephone calls for follow-up (of the process).

In addition to the accusation of monopoly, Spotify has accentuated the fact that Apple withholds 30% of the value of just a few App Store purchases, calling it a "discriminatory tax." In this regard, Apple explained that it charges a commission for in-app purchases linked to digital products; therefore, apps that provide ?real? goods and services (like Uber, for example) are exempt.

For these and other reasons, Ma claims that Spotify's complaint is a "misleading retraction" and claimed that Apple Music's competing service "wants all the benefits of a free app without being one." In addition, the company clarified that Spotify pays a 15% commission for only 0.5% of its subscribers.

As we said, this is not the only case involving Ma in anticompetitive practices; The company is currently involved in six other antitrust actions in several regions, including South Korea, Europe, Russia and the US where the Supreme Court has "authorized" users to sue the company by monopoly.

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via MacRumors