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Top 5 articles of the week on AndroidPIT

Hallelujah Saturday has come, but the technological world knows no holidays. The week was very busy. Nothing less than one new version of android was released, even if muted, first for the Nexus 5 of a US carrier. See the corrections that promises the Android 4.4.3. And with a new version being distributed, it is only natural that speculation about its arrival for more popular handsets begins to be made. Will the Galaxy S4 and Moto G get KitKat 4.4.3 soon?

Completing our list of most read articles we have a gallery with 5 new mini games, free and very fun, a How to calibrate your Android battery tutorial and the rumor that the Google would be planning a significant makeover in its icon design.

Tired of eating chocolate, so come update on AndroidPIT!

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US carrier Sprint began distributing the Android 4.4.3 update to the Nexus 5 last week. The update release code KTU48F, in addition to the well-known bug fixes, brings capabilities for carrier-specific 4G network bands. Click on the title link for more details.

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After US operator Sprint launched Android 4.4.3 for its Nexus 5 devices, rumors and word-of-mouth have started popping up on tech sites. Everyone has come to speculate when other popular gadgets will be updated, notably the Galaxy S4 and Moto G. And not just that. Also expected soon is the next version of Android, which would have the name of Lollipop 4.5. See the details.

Android 4.4.3 has already started to roll out for Nexus 5 from US carrier Sprint / AndroidPIT

To have an app for sale on the Play Store I need more than a good source code. One of Google's guidelines for entering the rob store is iconography. The rules of the instructions are very specific on how to create an icon for the application, such as that it should have a unique silhouette, a slight drop perspective and should be clearly visible regardless of the wallpaper behind it.


If you have changed ROMs or find that your battery life is getting shorter, it may be time to calibrate it. In the article on the link above we explain in detail what is the calibration of your Android battery and how to do it.

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Looking for a new hobby while waiting for the bus? Tired of reading old magazine at the dentist's office? Unlike our list of 5 top-rated games, the new free Android games I show you in the link above do not require much time, but fun is guaranteed.

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An excellent Easter to all and see you next week!

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