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Top 5 articles of the week on AndroidPIT

Week of games on the site! Although the Galaxy S5 hit stores yesterday, the device has not risen to the podium of the most widely read news this week. A duel between handsets launched last year drew the most attention and caused an intense debate in the comments. I mean comparison between Nexus 5 and Moto X. In addition, we have the WhatsApp update and your new icon for the camera, and two lists of Android games, one with gravity defying games, one with games with the best graphics. Finally, the news that a Canadian operator interrupted Moto X sales can indicate a successor on the way. Did you miss any of the top news in the Android world?

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These devices can be considered two of the best options on the Android market for users looking for a device. high end at a more reasonable price, at least compared to Samsung and LG flagships. Moto X costs $ 1,399, while Nexus 5 can be found for $ 1,349. At nearly equal prices, the devices feature significant design and software differences. Check out our comparison on the title link and decide which one is best for your use.

Nexus5 vs MotoX

A new beta version of WhatsApp for Android has been released with changes that bring the messaging app closer to the Facebook app. See the title link what has changed in WhatsApp and download the APK with the update.

es teaser whatsapp
The new WhatsApp update. / AndroidPIT

I find the nostalgic trend of the 8-bit look that has invaded games for smartphones and tablets very interesting. They feel like we're kids again in front of a 90's Master System or other console. Other times, though, I want to have a state-of-the-art visual experience, with all the current Android technology can offer. , and so I prepared this list of five games with fantastic graphics.

real racing 3 4

We have prepared another list of games for your Android device, this time with another feature in common. These are 5 games that one way or another take advantage of the motion sensors of smartphones or tablets and create the feeling of defiance gravity.

gravity game
Warner bros

When the Moto X was launched in August 2013 in Canada, with Rogers having exclusive sales of the device; less than a year later, the operator announces that stop selling the Motorola flagship. Is the successor on his way?

Moto X homescreen
The end of the line for Moto X at Rogers / AndroidPIT

These were the most read articles of the week. A hug to all and until Monday!

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