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Talk to Tom Cat on Android (Talking Tom Cat)

Talking Tom Cat a fun application for Android. Little cat Tom, capable of repeating everything you say to him in a funny voice, can scratch the screen of the device, drink milk and receive affection.Its usefulness may even be questionable as it is not a game nor does it have a specific function but it can undoubtedly yield good laughs. The app is able to recognize what you say and the cat repeats everything in a high voice.Tom is in an abandoned alley, waiting for their affection. Just run your hand over his head and belly and he will purr, closing his eyes. If you stay too long without your attention, the little cat sneezes and yawns. Talking Tom Cat Talking Tom Cat Talking Tom Cat can also scratch the screen when you click on a paw icon on the bottom left side of the screen and receive milk, so that it feeds itself by clicking on the icon with a small mug.In the upper left corner, there is an icon with a camcorder. This option allows you to create a movie of up to 30 seconds with the cat's actions and repetitions. It can be shared by email or sent directly to YouTube and Facebook. Watch the video below:

When accessing the Application Menu there is the Violence option, which can be enabled or disabled. It allows you, in addition to petting, also to hit your head and pull your tail which he responds immediately, with much complaint. Another option Listen longer, which means Tom will listen to your voice longer before repeating what you say.The app can be downloaded easily from your smartphone via Google Play. Founder of blog and channel Diolinux, passionate about technology and games.