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Pizza Hut lana tennis connected allowing you to order pizza and pause the TV

The pizza chain Pizza hut recently presented the Pie Tops 2.0, your youngest … tennis. The company launched last year the first generation of draft, which had as its main differential a button to order pizza. The new generation brings even more technology, with an extra button that lets you pause the television.

Pie Tops 2.0 can be connected with smartphone via Bluetooth. Just the user synchronizes the tennis with the smartphone, download an application and it is possible to order a pizza just by touching the button in the language of the footwear.

The second button is used for pairing with other devices. Also using Bluetooth, the user can synchronize Pie Tops 2.0 with the TV and pause the programming with one touch, "not to miss a thing while receiving the pizza".

Pizza Hut's peculiar tennis shoes are being produced in partnership with Surgeon, which specializes in making custom shoes. With a full-featured design, Pie Tops 2.0 is available in wheat and red colors.

The product will be extremely limited and 50 units will be sold from March 12 to March 19 on the HBX website. Then the company will also raffle some peers on social networks and during an event in the United States.

Via: Tweaktown. [TagsToTranslate] bluetooth