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Lutris now in Intel Clear Linux repositories

The game manager, Lutris, now arrives on Intel's Linux distribution.

Clear Linux is the Linux distribution developed by Intel people, thinking about developer optimization, Cloud computing, IoT, general development, and can be used as a normal desktop. Of course, you have a system optimized for your processors as well as your future dedicated GPUs. Lutris now in Intel Clear Linux repositories

Now officially Lutris is included in the official Clear Linux repositories, along with the WINE package.

In Clear Linux, you use swupd, which roughly as if it were APT, YUM or DNF, to learn more about how it works in depth, see the guide. It also uses for installation, the bundle, for ease of management. First, let's install WINE, which you can do in two ways. Since Clear Linux OS uses GNOME, you have GNOME Software in it, and you can look for the WINE bundle and install it, or via terminal, with the following command:

sudo swupd bundle-add wine

That done, just wait for the installation to finish.

To install Lutris we can also use the same way to search GNOME Software, but now let's look for bundle Games, or sine via terminal with the following command:

sudo swupd bundle-add games

A, just wait to finish the installation. On the Lutris website there is also the mention of Clear Linux.

Now you have the set to play non-Steam games, as it can be installed via Flatpak, which is already installed on Clear Linux. If you need to install Steam, just follow this tutorial. Worth a mention here. It is important that you check if your Intel GPU supports Vulkan, this information can be found on their website. If it has incomplete support, games may run unsteadily. To install Vulkan on Clear Linux, quite simply, just install the following bundle:

sudo swupd bundle-add developer-gpu

If you are thinking of installing Clear Linux on a PC with NVIDIA GPUs, you can try to follow the documentation about it, but with each system update you will need to update the driver manually, at least for now.

It is very gratifying to see such a big project of Clear Linux, thus giving yet another option of distro Linux for games.

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Hope to see you next, a big hug.

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