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Google quits tablet market and cancels two releases

After a meeting held last Thursday, the Google confirmed for the Business insider your official outlet of the tablet market. The news catches the users of Pixel Slate first "Pixel" tablet by surprise, as it was expected to upgrade to the much-criticized device this year.

According to a Google spokesman, the company has suspended production of two tablets (probably the successors of Pixel Slate) and has shifted part of its resources to the notebook production line, such as Pixelbook.

As for the next releases, Google only confirmed that they were smaller tablets than the 12.3-inch Pixel Slate. These devices were due to be released together in the last quarter of this year, but Google decided to discard them after quality testing failed to meet company standards (dj vu).

However, this does not mean that Google has abandoned its past releases. According to the statement, the company will continue to provide support and security updates for Chrome OS, the operating system of Pixel Slate and Pixelbook, until June 2024 it will not make more tablets running on this software.

Rick Osterloh, Google's chief hardware officer, has confirmed support for Google and partner products running Android and Chrome OS.

Hey, true Google's HARDWARE team focus exclusively on laptop production, but make no mistake, the Android and Chrome OS teams are 100% committed in the long run to working with our tablet partners for all market segments (consumer , company, educational).

Pixel Slate received very tough reviews when it was released last October. Although it has won praise for the device's design, Google has been criticized for "unfinished" gadget software.

Since this is the same system that powers the company's notebook, Google is expected to pay even greater attention to the Pixelbook + Chrome OS suite in the coming months.

via The Verge