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Google celebrates 21st birthday with Doodle | Internet

The Google homepage Doodle this Friday (27) celebrates the company's 21st birthday. September 27, 1998 is marked by the publication of a study by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founders of the company and, at the time, PhD students at the prestigious Stanford University. The work described a prototype of a large-scale web search engine that would later become Google.

The commemorative design dates back to period technology, with a classic computer displaying one of the earliest versions of the site. In some countries, the company also takes advantage of the date to offer 21% discount on products from the official store. The offer is not available in Brazil in the country, the company operates limited retail, only with the sale of Chromecast 3.

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Doodle celebrates 21 years of Google Foundation Photo: Reproduction / GoogleDoodle celebrates 21 years of Google Foundation Photo: Reproduction / Google

Doodle celebrates 21 years of Google Foundation Photo: Reproduction / Google

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Google was born with the goal of organizing world information and making it universally accessible and useful, debuting on the stock market in 2004. Since 2015, the Internet giant has been the main subsidiary of Alphabet, the world's fourth largest company. The conglomerate also owns investors Google Venture and Google Capital, among other companies.

In addition to search engine and Internet services like Gmail, Maps and Chrome, it develops operating systems like Android and Chrome OS, content platforms like YouTube and Google Play, as well as hardware like Pixel. There is also a wide range of business services within the Google Cloud.

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The Google Doodles Story

The Google Doodles Story