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The Internet is not just a bed of roses. And there are people who are terrified just by the thought of having breached their private data, such as an online account. There are many Android users who have a Google account, where they store tons of important information. That gives the question: What can happen if this data is breached by a hacker? How about having an app that checks the security level of your Google account? Your name: Google Authenticator. Go ahead reading our review and find out more about it, Google Authenticator.

Functions & Usage

Devices:Samsung Galaxy NexusAndroid Version: 4.1.1Root: SimMods: Yes / Popcorn Kernel 11.5

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1Version of: 4.0.4Root: SimMods: None

App DetailsWheel from: Android 2.1App2SD: Unable to verifySize: approx. 0.9 MBAdjusted for Ice Cream Sandwich / Jellybean: YesAdjusted for tablet: No, but it works well

Permits:You may have heard terrible stories from people whose online accounts have been breached. It may be that in some cases it is not the worst thing in the world (having Spotify breached, for example). But the story has another face when the account is Google.

Many Google / Android users save important data for your life, as with a Google account you can manage the life of businesses, photos, important emails, important files in different sections such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google+, Picasa, etc. So imagine having all your data in the domain of someone who wants to do harm?

A solution to store important data in the Cloud. However, there are experts who point out the security issues related to cloud systems. The fact that cybercrimes are anonymous and difficult to unravel. So we think that creating a stronger safety net and protection system is a good idea to secure your data, ie your virtual property.

This is where the Google Authenticator comes into play. The basic idea of ??this app is simple: When you sign in to your Google account, the app will ask you to enter an additional number sequence that is generated by Google Authenticator, which is synchronized with the Google server. This means that Google knows which code the app generated, and therefore that the entered code is valid.

Our advice: Download the app on a popular device. Next, you should enable 2-step verification in your Google account settings and select Android in the devices section. Then scan the QR code with the Google Authenticator app and voil: the app is already set up. Although everything seems very simple, in fact the app does not explain everything very clearly. We had to take some time to understand how and where to get the QR code (the answer: it should be created in the app settings). You need to check your device before and after the app loads. This will create a stream of number sequences, a process that takes around 30 seconds. These sequences will be used for 2-step verification shortly after the password is provided.

The numeric code will be displayed for 30 seconds before a new number is generated. Each code is valid for about one minute. Private devices can then be verified as secure, which means that the verification process can be skipped in two steps. Here's a list of tips on how to get the most out of this app and turn your device into a safety pit:

  • Only mark your personal device as safe
  • Only browse and access accounts using incognito or private mode if you use any public computer or device
  • Never select the remember password option if you are not accessing your account from your own computer or device
  • Always leave the session every time you are done

Putting this advice together with Google Authenticator will give you little chance of being surprised by funny people breaking into your virtual data property.

Conclusion:Google Authenticator is a great way to get security for the Google accounts you have. We recommend without any hesitation.

Screen & Controls

A Google app with Holo design (ICS chart and Jelly Bean): we have nothing to declare! Google Authenticator, in fact, is very easy to use. It seems until it works integrated into the system. Its graphic design only competes to make it even easier to use.

Speed ??& Stability

In this regard, there is absolutely nothing we can complain about. Google Authenticator was really well done!

Price / Performance Ratio

Google Authenticator is a free application with no advertising banners. We could not ask for anything more!

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