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GarageBand gains Dark Mode and support for external drives; Classroom, Instapaper, Darkroom and others are updated

And we are again with the most important recent updates from the App store! Let's take a look at them?


Apple's music creation and mixing app has gained an (almost) update entirely dedicated to iOS 13.

With verse 2.3.8, the GarageBand It has gained compatibility with Dark Mode and the new Share Sheet, as well as supporting files from external drives such as USB sticks, external HDDs / SSDs or SD card readers.

GarageBand app icon

We also have a new package with over 350 named Apple Loops. In addition, updating the app improves the audio fidelity of loops when making measure and note changes. Finally, you can search the riffs by the package name in the library.


Classroom app icon

It wasn't just GarageBand that Apple updated in recent days, however: Classroom, a teaching assistant for teachers that helps with task orientation and assignment, has also received an update supporting iOS 13 Dark Mode. Version 3.1 of the app also allows users to hide apps from their home screen.


Instapaper app icon

The reading client has also gained support for iOS 13 Dark Mode, and the app's preference is synchronized with the overall system tuning. In addition, Instapaper version 7.8 brings much smoother scrolling of articles and lists especially while content is being loaded.

Finally, the appeal Tweet Shot Text sharing has been expanded to apps other than Twitter. With it, you just need to select the snippet you want to share and tap the ?Share Image? option; An image with the snippet in question will be generated and ready to be displayed on your favorite social network.


Darkroom - Photo Editor app icon

Unlike most apps adding a Dark Mode, the Darkroom that was always dark added a Light Mode to your app. The new look adapts the interface as a whole and modifies even the app's lighter shades.

The update also supports iPadOS news, such as the Split view, O Slide over It's the ability to open two instances of the app side by side so you can edit two photos at once, or even edit the same photo twice to compare the results in each area.

What's more, the new version features a number of new Siri Shortcuts, with the ability to import images from anywhere, filter, frame and prepare them for export in the app. You can create your own shortcuts, but the app development team has already made one available to anyone interested: it selects the photos you favored on the day, applies them to the A200 filter and prepares Darkroom for export.

App Icon Faster Internet

Cloudflare's DNS was already deployed by us last April, but it was being distributed by invitation at the time. Now it is available to anyone interested just download the app and enjoy it.

With the general availability, the company also released the with WARP +is a navigation acceleration technology that, according to Cloudflare, makes your web experience up to 30% faster. This option costs, so far, R $ 8 monthly But the company has announced the value of $ 20 / month, so that price can rise at any time.


Pocket app icon

The ?read later? service has gained integration with iOS 13 Dark Mode by simply enabling, in the settings, the ?Fit to system theme? option.

In addition, version 7.10.2 of the Pocket has a new way of sharing with Evernote, which uses the official extensive note-taking application itself. To enable it, you need to enable Evernote extension in the iOS share menu by simply tapping the share button while in Pocket and tapping ?More? to edit your options.


WordPress app icon

The official blogging platform app also got a fully synchronized update with the release of iOS 13. With WordPress 13.2.1, we have a new Dark Mode that syncs with your system preference, plus the ability to access the service with your Apple ID.


Flightradar24 app icon | Flight Tracker

Finally, the flight tracker added extra information on the airports arrival page, such as the terminal, port and baggage claim of each flight. In addition, you can now see which users of myFlightradar24 are on board a particular flight, as well as check for additional airport information (such as photos, ratings, and runway data) made by users.