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FCC Approves Mysterious MacBook Pro Model

Apple updated the MacBooks Pro Less than two months ago, which could theoretically indicate that the line would spend a little time (at least a year) without receiving any news. Recent rumors, however, suggest that the story may not be quite that: a few days ago, we talked about the possibility of Malan launching the speculated 16-inch OLED screen in 2019.

Now, an approval from the US Federal Communications Commission (Federal Communications Commission, or FCC) has given yet another indication that we will see news between the MacBook Pro nest by the end of the year although not necessarily related to the supposed 16 inch model.

The regulator approved this week the release of a new model of MacBook Pro, code A2159. It does not match any models of the machine currently sold, but matches one of the models recently registered with the Eursia Economic Commission (Eurasian Economic Commission, or EEC).

Additional information about the mysterious computer is sparse, which could indicate that we are actually talking about the long-awaited 16-inch model. One detail, however, points in the other direction: As evidenced by a Reddit user, the inscriptions on the bottom of the future MacBook Pro carry the ?20.3V – 3A Max? power information, which corresponds to a charging capacity of 61W. 13-inch MacBooks Pro.

That is, the most likely we are dealing here with a new 13 ? MacBook Pro with different specifications; the wiser would be to bet on a machine upgrade without touch bar (which, as is well known, was left out of last May's updates). Unless, of course, Ma plans to have a 16 ? laptop with radically different battery technology and charging (which doesn't seem to be the case).

Interestingly, the documentation for the MacBook Pro A2159 disappeared from FCC records shortly after its publication. Normally, agency approvals are issued the same day or the day before the product launches ie either an employee there pressed a button ahead of time, or Apple has a scheduled release for the next few days. We will be aware!

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