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FBI closes three illegal Android Apps sites

On Wednesday, the US Department of Justice, in cooperation with the FBI, seized three domains that operated illegally as Android App stores:, and snappzmarket. In a statement, the US Department of Justice said this was the first time the FBI had closed sites for mobile-market piracy. Times are changing guys!

If you go to a site closed by the FBI, you'll find this message.

What made the first action against mobile piracy take place was the fact that applications are an important and growing part of the American economy, as well as involving the creative work of the nation, and this motivated the Public Ministry to act. Copyright protects apps for smartphones and tablets, as well as music or text software. Fighting piracy of copyrighted content, including popular applications, is a high priority of the Criminal Division, said the general responsible for the action.

Pirate sites are our old acquaintances, here on AndroidPIT we reported a few months ago about an app store in India that incredibly offered paid products from the Google Play Store alongside pirated apps. Just as we tested the store to see where the courage of the offenders went, FBI agents downloaded thousands of apps and confirmed the crime. The investigation was conducted in partnership with other US agencies, Dutch and French researchers:

The servers that store applications sold by these alternative online markets have been hosted in other countries, and our international law enforcement partners have helped to obtain evidence or seizure stored on these servers.

So far, US authorities have executed nine arrest warrants, but apparently none of the site operators were found.

Because of piracy, many developers are forced to make their applications free of charge, as was the case with Dead Trigger. Perhaps this is the beginning of a number of actions related to the mobile device market, which brings security to developers and users, as many pirated applications hide malware and different viruses that can seriously damage your device.

In my opinion, it took a long time for the authorities to act, especially with regard to Google's involvement in this. Do you agree?

Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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