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Facebook plans mobile payment system

Already imagined leaving the house with your mobile phone, can unlock the car using NFC, open your home through the same technology and use your device for payments. This is all possible, but so far the vast majority of users have not yet reached it. But this reality is about to change. According to Financial Times, Facebook plans to develop its own mobile payment system. So, in addition to your personal details, Zuckerberg's team will be able to access your bank information as well!

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It doesn't take long for you to start leaving home with just your mobile phone! / AndroidPIT

The social networking giant has been arguing with potential mobile remittance partners such as Azimo, Moni Technologies and Transferwise, which offer online money transfers. As it is well known that the company has received approval from an "electronic money" provider in Ireland, the authorization appears to be valid for the entire European Union. The service is very similar to Google's Wallet.

So users in European countries could already use their Facebook accounts on their smartphones to send money to friends and family in emerging markets. For sure, this is yet another attempt by Zuckerberg to make network services more profitable. According to market analysts, a money transfer also represents a source of additional revenue upon advertising for the company.

But the question here: would you trust your money to Facebook? As a Brazilian living in Europe, the idea of ??being able to send money to Brazil without having to pay very high transfer fees pleases me, however, the privacy conditions set by Facebook would have to be quite attractive, otherwise I would not share my bank details with The social network.

And you?

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