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Deepin gets updated with bug fixes and enhancements

Deepin comes to version 15.10.2, accompanying several bug fixes caused by the base change and graphical interface.

Deepin has recently undergone some significant changes, with new window manager based on the KDE project, Debian base for Stable and others for minors. We notice this metamorphosis of the system. deepin-linux-update-update-bug-dde-kwin-deepin15

Deepin commonly receives these enhancement updates after a major upgrade. So at 15.10 it has gone to 15.10.1 and now 15.10.2, the focus of these intermediate releases until the next release, are eventual corrections due to implementations or changes of the current release. Let's say that nothing in the news, just polishing the system.

See some posts:

  • Fixed: setting the boot menu background wallpaper when it failed;
  • Fixed: the random error in Deepin Calendar;
  • Fixed: Authentication failed in password field that lost focus when selecting;
  • Added: Support for simultaneous password and fingerprint verification.


  • Fixed: Error starting shortcuts searching launcher.


  • Bug that did not recognize power adapters in some computers;
  • Fixed: hidden volume code when adjusting volume;
  • Fixed: bug in dock clicking on the window view if the window effect was disabled;
  • Better view of dock on the screen.

Control Center:

  • Added: user support without password;
  • Fixed: abnormal display of user account interface;
  • Fixed: the overlapping display of shortcuts;
  • Fixed: The error box did not disappear while modifying the password;
  • Fixed: In custom multi-monitor environment settings, blending mode will automatically exit when screen resolution is changed;


  • Added: user support without password;
  • Added: LDAP user login support;
  • Fixed: the password field, which lost focus after suspension;
  • Bug which caused the login screen to crash after a long time in suspension.


  • Fixed: Abnormal screen display when opening a window with the title bar after enabling and disabling the window effect several times;
  • Fixed the inability to minimize the window, and Deepin Movie could not play the video after the minimized window was restored;
  • Fixed: window becoming hidden in dockafter minimizing and using window display;
  • Fixed bug on +/- button on virtual desktops interface, which on HiDPI was too small;
  • Fixed bug in WPS Office window not showing sometimes;
  • Limit to the number of workspaces (desktops virtual) to a maximum of 4;
  • Best experience using touchscreens such as drag and drop that could mistakenly resize windows before;
  • Window menu adopted "Deepin style" menu controls;
  • Fixed: abnormal display of window title bar when screen scaling was 2;
  • Fixed: Error that prevented viewing images on dock, if the window was minimized;
  • Adjusted: bug that took the focus off the window in some cases;
  • Fixed: invalid shortcuts Super + Shift + numeric keypad. Used to move windows in different desktops virtual.
  • Off: In the data management interface desktops the shortcut Alt. You can drag and drop the window directly without pressing Alt;
  • The Close Window function in the corner settings now works only on the maximized, closing window;
  • Added: A warning if you click multitasking while the window effect is disabled.
  • Fixed: In dde-kwin, the error in which the screensaver was only visible on one monitor for multiple monitors;
  • Fixed: in dde-kwin, bug that overlapped the dock on the screensaver.

Are you thinking about giving Deepin one more chance, and see if any bug specific no longer occurs on your hardware? We have a super special post with what to do after installing Deepin 15.10. Maybe the system can be used in your daily life. For current Deepin users, upgrade the system immediately, better stability being one of the advantages. Join our Diolinux Plus forumThere are several Deepin users out there and other systems as well.

Until the next post, SYSTEMATICALLY!

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